Textile Industry 4.0 Transformation for Sustainable Development: Prediction in Manufacturing & Proposed Hybrid Sustainable Practices


  • Dr. Bharati Rathore School of Fashion & Textiles Birmingham City University, United Kingdom




Sustainability, Prediction in Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 Transformation, Sustainable Future, Textile/Garment Industry, Green & Smart Sustainable Future, Fourth Industrial Revolution


In today’s scenario textile industry is playing the biggest role in the world’s main sources of industry pollution and making the environment issues main concern across the globe. The innovation of technology has paved the path for textile industry transformation with the help of industry 4.0. This research article proposes thecombination ofproposed hybrid sustainable practicesand textile industry 4.0 transformation strategies for green & smart sustainable future. The PHSP’s has three characteristics as follows: 1. Helps to resolve pollution to attain sustainable development, 2.Sustainability in terms of safety & resources of environment,and 3.Prediction in manufacturing before decision making. By taking the motivation from UNs’ Goals of Sustainable Future Development & Importance of Sustainability, this research investigates, the textile industry 4.0 can comply with hybrid sustainable practices. To analyse the hybrid sustainable practices towards sustainable future, the enactment of Proposed Hybrid Sustainable Practices was integrated with Intelligent MESN (Modified Echo state Network) Model.We figured out that the current operations of sustainability and production in Textile/Garment industry can be predicted before decision making & feedback can be obtained at the same moment. It will help the textile/garment industry in the prediction of pre problems & we can resolve them before the problem occur whether it is related to sustainability or environmental pollution. For instance,the purpose of “Accountable & Sustainable Production & consumption”, “Hygiene & Clean Water to help Environment”, and “Action towards the Climate” can be resolved before the occurrence by Proposed Hybrid Sustainable Practices.


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Dr. Bharati Rathore. (2022). Textile Industry 4.0 Transformation for Sustainable Development: Prediction in Manufacturing & Proposed Hybrid Sustainable Practices. Eduzone: International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal, 11(1), 223–241. https://doi.org/10.56614/eiprmj.v11i1.229