Fashion Transformation 4.0 : Beyond Digitalization & Marketing in Fashion Industry


  • Dr. Bharati Rathore School of Fashion & Textiles, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom



Digital Marketing, Digital Fashion, E-Commerce, Digital Transformation, Website Optimization, Fashion Transformation, Fashion Industry.


Many businesses are attempting to transform their business operations & strategies by adapting new technologies and selling trendy products on various platforms in the current climate of sustainability's newest trends. Digital marketing is an important component of the fashion industry because it operates at all levels of the fashion system. Digital fashion practises, ranging from digital communication and online reputation to eCommerce, are becoming increasingly popular. With a single click, customers can access the entire world through this digital mode. Fashion is undergoing a significant digital transformation, with garments and apparel being presented and sold online, and fashion trends and styles being launched, discussed, and negotiated primarily online. Email campaigns, website optimization, social media campaigns, online forums, television advertisements, mobile applications, and other digital marketing strategies are all used to reach out to potential customers and increase sales. This research will open the doors to enhance the efficacy of various digital tools, practices and platforms for communication.


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Dr. Bharati Rathore. (2021). Fashion Transformation 4.0 : Beyond Digitalization & Marketing in Fashion Industry. Eduzone: International Peer Reviewed/Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal, 10(2), 54–59.